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Wrzesień 2014

Grzegorz Pastuszak


Born on September 24th 1980 in Zamość and still a resident of it to this day, Grzegorz Pastuszak is truly passionate about photography in every sense of the phrase. And his achievements in the field only confirm his dedication. Recipient of the prestigious PRZETRWANIE award bestowed by the Discovery Channel, eyewitness to the events taking place on the Majdan in Kiev in 2014, which he later shared with the general public via his ŻYWA GALERIA LUDZI MAJDANU exhibition in Zamość, Paris and Vienna, Grzegorz believes that it is the viewer who makes the ultimate interpretation of a photograph. Consequently, his works are rarely immediately clear – he challenges the audience to ponder their message and interpret their meaning. He therefore photographs with a degree of provocation in mind, targeting and triggering specific emotions, and excels in the fields of fashion and news photography, nudes and portraits. He lives according to the words „find what you love and let it kill you” by Charles Bukowski.

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